The Creation of Idris the Dragon

So last year my dear friend in the UK, Liz, finally was forced to comply with an old crochetey neighbor’s request to cut down an heirloom ash on their property line that apparently was somehow bothering him. Determined to have something good come of the sad situation Liz read about a local who was known for his wood sculptures, a guy named Mick Booth of Cosmick Carvings. She contacted him and gave him this simple direction: “I don’t want a friendly Disney dragon. I want a fierce guard dragon.” And Mick agreed to do the work.

The above four meter ash trunk was dispatched to Mick’s workspace with no further discussion, and the work commenced!

This is the drawing Mick drew as he imagined Liz’s dragon, whom she had named Idris. She never once saw the drawing until Idris was delivered. When asked why she chose the name Idris she said that it is a Welsh name, her maiden name is Welch, and it was also the name of a dragon in Ivor the Engine, a children’s tv cartoon she watched as a child in the UK. I had to look him up! I found him quite charming!

First cuts began in Mick’s workshop.

Idris’s face begins emerging with serious tools! And that process is followed by his body, wings, tail development. How exciting! One cannot help but think of Michelangelo chipping away at his marble, allowing an angel to perfectly emerge!

This is Idris’s being set free. How wonderful to have his emergence documented! Bravo, Liz, for envisioning him into existence.

And now he’s going home. The day arrives and Mick and his friends bring Idris to Liz’s lovely garden, where he will live atop his very own nest of rocks. He will survey Liz’s teahouse and pond and be enjoyed by those who are lucky enough to visit this lovely garden.

Have I mentioned Idris weighs over 1100 pounds?? That’s 1/2 tonne, 3 metres long in UK system. And he had to be hauled 100 metres up into the garden!

Liz and her husband had placed a foundation of flagstones down where Idris could land. And then began the work of building the rock nest where he could appear to be perched. UK wet weather has allowed mosses to begin filling in the nest, and Liz plans to include more plants to give Idris the proper home he deserves.

Mick with Idris!

Liz spent hours and hours finding the right rocks on her property, and placing them to her liking. This involved her husband splitting some to make them fit just so!

And now nature lends a hand and helps create the green rockery on which such a fine creation can call home. Isn’t he marvelous? Well done, all!

Now, I asked Liz for a pic of her and Idris, but at the moment that would involve her going out into stormy weather so I am including this one of her for the moment. (She loves the snow!)

I’m hoping Idris has inspired some of you to think of creations you might include in your gardens!

Love and garden blessings,
Kathryn xoxox

UPDATE: The sun came out in the UK and Liz popped out for a pic with her guardian dragon!

Liz with Idris!

Book Notes: First, many thanks to those of you who purchased copies of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden during the Christmas holiday. It’s gratifying to know some of your loved ones will be reading my book this winter. Also, very exciting to announce I will be doing a Skype session with Liz’s Book Club participants in February and I’m realizing this is something I am looking forward to expanding! If you have a Book Club that might be interested in reading Plant Whatever Brings You Joy and would love to meet me as author via Skype (or whatever else might be suitable), let me know! I am happy to arrange! Thank you!

8 Responses to “The Creation of Idris the Dragon”

  1. This is wonderful! How very creative to put the wood to use, and what a magnificent creation!

  2. Hi, Antonia! Yes, a real treasure in Liz’s garden! Glad you enjoyed! Love, Mom xoxo

  3. A fabulous rebirth of the old tree! May it continue to live a long life!

  4. Good morning Kathryn,
    Loved this photo journey from a sad stump to a garden treasure. A woman with a creative vision…so impressive that she could make it come true. Will you be able to travel to the UK to visit Idris? Stay warm,

  5. Hi, Sylvia and welcome! Yes, and it was a treasured tree, so it’s wonderful it has a happy ending! Kathryn xoxo

  6. Hi, Carol–It is a happy story, indeed! Hats off to Liz! I would love to visit her one day and do have an invitation! And, yes, stay warm in these cold days! Kathryn xoxo

  7. Your creation was stunning, I love it!

  8. Thank you, Regs, and welcome! Glad you enjoyed Liz’s creation! Kathryn xoxo

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