UK School Community Garden

Dearest Readers, Not long ago I did a review of The Family Kitchen Garden which I found a good extension of my excitement about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. British Jamie, you might recall, did a show on national television about our schoolchildren eating a healthier diet, and creating gardens at schools is a solid way […]

Singular Beauty

old red rose Today I am choosing to celebrate the first day of summer by focusing on the singular beauty of individual flowers. Technology remains a mystery to me, so I’m not quite sure how I arrived at these images. I only know I felt a strong urge early yesterday morning to get out my […]

Pamela Polland/Hawaiianized!

Waaaay back in the 70’s in Sausalito, when Antonia was a little girl, I joined a choir. The director of that choir was a beautiful singer named Pamela Polland and when you read my book Plant Whatever Brings You Joy you will read in part just how important she is in my life. And here […]

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