After the Rain

This spectacular mustard field growing amidst vineyards in Sonoma County captured the hearts and imaginations of many folks who traversed this two lane road this weekend, mine included! I’d set out with the intention of capturing images this week in between the rains that came and went, knowing full well that I was doing the […]

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy!

Dear Readers: By now many of you have learned that my new book Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden is built around 52 lessons or metaphors from the garden. The chapter which became the name of the book–and ultimately the name of this blog–here follows. Enjoy! Plant Whatever Brings You Joy! […]

Herbal Remedies

Kathryn and Antonia on Elsie Street in Bernal Heights, San Francisco, 1970 As a hippie chick in San Francisco in the 60’s I can assure you that my herbal qualifications run both wide and deep! Prior to Antonia’s entrance onto planet Earth I had spent a goodly amount of time living in a community out […]

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