Friendly Farm Animals

This adorable creature, aptly named Gabby, accompanied me yesterday on a delightful trek around Gabby’s pastures, where a group of friendly farm animals live under the care and guidance of a lovely woman named Dotty. (I am in love with this cat.) As we wandered about the three acres of property Gabby would meander up […]

And the Winner Is!

This winter I introduced the idea of a Brownie Recipe Contest, the winner receiving a copy of a Chronicle Books recipe book I was reviewing, Luscious Chocolate Desserts. Many thanks to those of you who submitted recipes, which were far more varied than I could have imagined. A cousin sent one in with cayenne in […]

Letter to my Winter Body

Dearest Winter Body, You may have noticed the buds abounding in the garden. Yes. In spite of the chill temperatures and days and days of pounding unrelenting rain, spring is moving forward with its blessed perennial plan. I’m sure you’ve seen the signs. The crocuses next door. The quince in the back of the garden. […]

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