Pumpkin Made Easy

A recent excursion south gave me the luscious opportunity to fill my larder with organic pumpkins and squashes from Oak Hill Farm down in Sonoma County. What a treat! And most of us, I’m certain, have pumpkins within easy reach around this time of year. But what’s the easiest way to prepare pumpkins, and their […]

Last Dance Until Spring? Maybe.

It may be 80 degrees this sunny afternoon but already I am steeping in nostalgia. I am clinging to the last of the roses, saying thank you to each and good bye, allowing the adorable rose hips to finally have their time and way. I am blowing kisses to the last hollyhock for charming the […]

Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church

SOME keep the Sabbath going to church; I keep it staying at home, With a bobolink for a chorister, And an orchard for a dome. Some keep the Sabbath in surplice; I just wear my wings, And instead of tolling the bell for church, Our little sexton sings. God preaches,—a noted clergyman,— And the sermon […]

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