Let’s Make Mexican Wedding Cakes!

It’s cold outside. The sun has not burned off the fog, though I’m hoping for a sunny afternoon. It’s Sunday morning and the house is begging for something in the oven. I’m thinking Mexican Wedding Cookies are a good option, as, even though I usually make them during the holidays–and did–I want more! So I’m […]

Winter’s Face

Sigh. Californians are, most likely, a curmudgeonly lot, wont to complain about the frosts and rains of winter. It’s true. We do. Having suffered, endured and survived the long winter snows of both Massachusetts and Ohio, I know how spoiled we must sound, how entitled we must think we are. But there you have it. […]

Book Notes: The Legacy of Luna

Honestly, I had wanted to review Julia Butterfly Hill’s book The Legacy of Luna quite some time ago and was reticent to do that when copies seemed scarce. Nevertheless, I happened upon my copy last weekend and determined I would write the review (which wanted to be written, afterall) and today I am delighted to […]

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