The Flowering Tree

Cornus florida “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ~Chinese proverb It’s April and flowering trees abound at this time of year in California, and most likely where you live, too. They emerge in concert harmony, showcasing one after another. At this particular moment it […]

The Lovely Clematis

Spring finally arriving I am particularly delighted to celebrate the end of a long wet winter with the blossoming of two of my favorite plants, which share the same large pot. At the lower end of this configuration spills the simple pink clematis, now charmingly entangling itself around the madonna who lives next to the […]

The Energizing Power of the Day Trip!

Yesterday morning my darling daughter rang me to read her latest post prior to publishing. This is a weekly ritual. First line: “I ran away from home yesterday.” Intriguing! And dangerous, I knew. I could feel the adventure pangs immediately and the more she read the stronger they got. I punctuated her last words with […]

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