Hwy. 12–Sonoma’s Wine Country

In 1995 my Grandmother turned 96. This turning implied more than a turning of the page. It was a turning of the corner. After effectively caring for herself nearly an entire century, she simply could do it no longer. Clearly. After soul searching and chest pounding and tears and prayer I took a step I […]

If This Isn’t Spring, What is It??

Last year I got a big fat lecture from John the nurseryman about planting my tomatoes too early. He took me outside and pointed north. “See that mountain? It has snow on it. You can’t plant anything in the ground until the snow on that mountain is gone.” Apparently this is local lore. (Silently: “Whatever…”) […]

Book Notes: Among the Isles of Shoals/Stern Men

Book Notes this month continues with Celia Thaxter’s second best known work, Among the Isles of Shoals. Through a series of synchronistic events I am somewhat oddly pairing the book with a second review, of Stern Men, first novel by Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame. I would be remiss if I did not […]

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