Hollyhocks ~Edgar Guest Old-fashioned flowers! I love them all: The morning-glories on the wall, The pansies in their patch of shade, The violets, stolen from a glade, The bleeding hearts and columbine, Have long been garden friends of mine; But memory every summer flocks About a clump of hollyhocks. The mother loved them years ago; […]

Where the Bees Go

Honeybee in borage As the sun falls further to the south as it crosses the sky in anticipation of the end of summer I suppose I have suddenly become nostalgic, particularly about the bees which live in abundance in my garden from spring through fall. Soon I will miss them so and will be thinking […]

Book Notes: The Teeth of the Lion

Not so very long ago I noticed a large-leaved plant growing just in front of the ample bank of lavender that graces the front garden every summer, always very full of bees. What is that? I asked myself. A romaine? For several days after I continued to ponder this question as I sprayed the lavender […]

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