Fire Pits: Part One

It is probably fitting that following a post on leaving wild corners in your garden I would be drawn to a recent post I saw on author Helen Yoest’s blog Gardening with Confidence regarding her organic creation of what she calls her Fire Garden. I found I kept thinking of her post and had the […]

UK School Community Garden

Dearest Readers, Not long ago I did a review of The Family Kitchen Garden which I found a good extension of my excitement about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. British Jamie, you might recall, did a show on national television about our schoolchildren eating a healthier diet, and creating gardens at schools is a solid way […]

Rose for Neda

Rose for Neda All day and night, music, a quiet, bright reedsong. If it fades, we fade. Rumi /Jelaluddin Balkhi I cannot be alone, dear readers, in having been deeply moved by what is happening at the moment in Iran. I was particularly touched by the unfortunate death of the beautiful young girl, Neda. This […]

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