Year of the Lemons!

Last week darling daughter arrived for Christmas with an unexpected treasure–lemons from her recent road trip to Southern California! It was timely in that for the very first time my Meyer lemon tree was also producing fresh lemons, fortunately a bit behind maturity from the ones she gifted me with from SoCal! Safely still on […]

Field Trip: Baker Creek Seed Bank

As most of my readers know the last few weeks I’ve been engaged in numerous field trips with a new purpose–to promote my book. Out of these adventures came a phone call from a very kind woman at one such bookstore, inquiring if I might be interested in doing yet another book event, this one […]

Stand Firmly Rooted in the Ground

Dearest Readers, Following is a special post, an excerpt from my new book Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden. The book is built upon 52 metaphors learned as a gardener over the last two decades or so. Each metaphor is followed by a story from my life or an expanded interpretation […]

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