Introducing Arugula!

Luscious arugula is a well-known vegetable in California cuisine. We find it in salads routinely and it is always available in our produce sections, mainstream and health food stores alike. Being a huge fan it was an easy decision to add to my modest vege garden, not quite knowing what to expect, as is the […]

Earth’s Flowers

As gardeners we all spend an inordinate amount of time deciding what we shall plant, when and where we shall plant it, and, more importantly, detemining as best we can, when we will be reaping the benefits of our efforts. Sometimes our intention is primarily bodily sustenance, for example, a tomato ripely harvested for a […]

Book Notes: An Island Garden by Celia Thaxter

Welcome! Today marks the launching of the Book Notes section of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy! My first offering was inspired by the introduction of 1800’s New England writer/gardener Celia Thaxter into my life by my friend David who lived in Portsmouth, NH for a number of years, and is very fond of that area […]

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