Birthday present: BULBS!

Ha! Celebrated my birthday this year a bit belatedly to be able to share with my dear friend Eta and also so lovely daughter Antonia could join us once her grad school classes were complete for the semester. That’s our beautiful Princess Cake above. Yum. What I had not anticipated was that my dearest friend […]

Letter from Sendai

Zelkova trees in Sendai, lighted for annual Pageant of Starlight Sendai is recognized throughout Japan for its exquisite nature and called as “mori no miyako” or the City of Trees. From the lush greenery of the zelkova trees that line the streets, to the clear and tranquil Hirose-gawa River that winds through the heart of […]

Book Notes: The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes

Some long time ago in my earliest explorations of All Things Natural and Organic [read When I Was a Hippie] I found myself enchanted with the notion of creating dyes from my natural surroundings. While I was partially successful, with the lack of good information available at the time, it was a hard path to […]

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