A Look Back, A Look Around

door detail The county of Mendocino lies 100 miles north of San Francisco, and stretches out to the Pacific Ocean. Topographically it is very rugged and is traversed through various terrains on two lane roads, some of which run through the oldest redwood forests on Earth. Those who have visited or read about this county […]

First Blush of Spring

quince Last week my old friend Dan Millman asked me, “So, are you busy working in your garden?” Silence. Thinking, uh, not really. “Umm.” “Oh, winter?” Something like that. These are not the fun times in the garden. They really are not. At best I’m using the blower to move leaves along and cutting back […]

Harvest Seeds for Future Gardens

The following is an excerpt from my book Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden. Enjoy! Love and winter blessings, Kathryn xoxo After two years in North Carolina, I had made the decision to return to the West. Strangely, I knew one of the things I would miss about North Carolina were […]

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