Little Orphant Annie

Little Orphant Annie by Gertrude Elliott When I was a wee girl living with my Grandmother, she bought me a book called The Golden Book of Poetry. God bless her heart. And this was one of the many books she used to read to me before I went to bed at night. Without a doubt […]

The Gatherer and Black Walnuts

Increasingly over time I have been moving towards trying to become more aware and, if possible, to integrate into my every day experience what culinary resources I naturally find at hand. Toward that end, this year I discovered huckleberries and added them to my scone repertoire. I began to teach myself what plants the Native […]

Pumpkin Festival Fun!

This afternoon I grabbed my camera and headed to a local Pumpkin Festival, knowing it would be a visual treat, and I was not disappointed. Having a daughter who spent the better part of the last decade in Hollywood, a broad smile broke out on my face when I saw the above entrance. Central casting, […]

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