Wild Violets

In winter the gardener’s eye is scanning the landscape for anything and everything that will fill our enormous desire for the beauty to which we are treated all summer. And thus one is inclined to see what might otherwise have been lost in the splendor of roses and hydrangea, of trumpet vine and forsythia. Attention […]


Pumpkin bread just prior to baking Setting up the Best Brownie Recipe Contest taught me something I did not know. Far fewer women are baking. How could that be? I began this post by looking at what baking is, precisely. Here’s what wiki told me: Baking is the technique of prolonged cooking of food by […]

Calendar Girl!

I was just about to check out of the health food store when I glanced into the basket of the woman in front of me and saw a calendar. Oh, yes. Need one of those. So popped out of line back over to the goodly assortment available at front of the store. And grinned when […]

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