Love Affair with a Grasshopper

What you are looking at, dear readers, is a photograph of an egg case full of fossilized grasshopper eggs that a mama grasshopper laid in the Earth 29 million years ago! They were found in Oregon by someone who does this kind of research. I have been enchanted by grasshoppers since I was a young […]

Baby Dove

baby Eurasian collar dove “Did you see the baby bird on the ground near our garden fence?” asked a next door neighbor. “Um, no.” He asked if I’d like to see him, which of course I did, and he brought me a small wire basket lined with a dish towel upon which quietly lay a […]

Gardeners and their Dogs

Kathryn’s Thistle 🙂 As a longtime gardening blogger I am fortunate to enjoy friendships with other gardening bloggers not just in America but in Canada and the UK and Europe. I dearly cherish those friendships. As I have gotten to know these wonderful folks and their landscaping talents and personal gardens I find that I […]

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