Book Notes: The Encyclopedia of Herbs

Ever a fan of reference books I was delighted to see Timber Press had published The Encyclopedia of Herbs, subtitled with the promise to be A Comprehensive Reference to Herbs of Flavor and Fragrance. Well qualified authors Arthur Tucker, professor of botany and Thomas Debaggio, founder of an herb farm and nursery, do not disappoint. […]

It’s Biscotti!

This lovely Christmas camellia beckoned and was the harbinger of recipes to be found and made. One of my favorites at this time of year is for biscotti, which is disarmingly easy to make. Try this simple recipe this year and you will be thanking me for a long time, I will bet! Biscotti 3 […]

Vineyard Montage

It had not escaped my attention that though I have spent many years living in wine country I really had yet to write a single post truly focusing on the vineyards that bless my life and the lives of the communities that surround me. This is probably due to a boorishly boring indifference to wine […]

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