The Gift of Recognition (x2!)

International Arte Y Pico Award Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious?… Truly the angel’s best… Stevie Wonder Oh, my goodness. In the last twenty four hours I have found, left in the wee hours at my virtual doorstep, not one, but the equivalent of two delicious bottles of cream! One was left […]


Very early Saturday morning I felt Ruby lick my hand as I slept. “What is it, Ru?” No response. I drifted back into sleep. Again I felt a light lick on my hand. “You’re going outside,” I said. “Come on, Conner. Go outside with Ruby.” They jumped off the bed and made their way to […]

The Joy of New Tools!

I don’t care what those oil pigs charge us for gasoline (oink, oink) I will not go back to a motorless lawn mower, especially now that I’m forever hooked on my new Lawnboy. Yes, Lawnboy. No, not that kind of lawnboy. My Lawnboy! Here he is, standing in the bright, hot California sunshine: Here’s how […]

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