Nurture, nurture, nurture

Each year in May gardeners around the world celebrate World Naked Gardeners Day! This year I fancied gathering large red heirloom roses off the back arbor, as well as some small yellow rose blossoms and some branches from white lilac in the front garden, creating a floral wreath for myself as I “hid” behind a […]

Know Which Plants You Grow Well

Chanticleer and Henny Penny Happy New Year, dearest readers. I thought I’d begin 2019 by sharing a favorite story from my book Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom From the Garden. I do hope you will enjoy. Know which plants you grow well. (My love affair with chickens began when I was a small […]

Aim for Beauty

After three years of traveling and living in Europe, my daughter and I returned home to the States and I began my fledgling publicity business. I took a couple of offices in the county seat of Marin Co. in Northern California and put up a sign announcing my intentions. My two offices were at the […]

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