Guests? Try this!

When Antonia was a little bitty girl I made almost everything from scratch. Yogurt, bread, tortillas, pies, cookies, pancakes, jams and pizza. I haven’t learned how to make pasta yet, but I’m going to. I’ve been watching that lovely older Italian woman on PBS lately and she’s inspiring me. With all the talk of Returning […]

Return of the Scrub Jays (who never left!)

Shhhh. This is kind of a secret. I almost never tell anyone this. I think only one or two of my neighbors know. But I’m sure you won’t tell. I’m rather bonded to a group of scrubjays. I think it’s dreadful that scrubjays don’t have the word “blue” in their name, don’t you? So maybe […]

Flowers in Perpetuity

Courtesy of Monrovia Catalyzed no doubt by the merging of full spring and Mother’s Day, this week marks the accomplishment of something I’d been thinking about and planning for a few years. I’m not sure why some things “take time.” Perhaps the sheer doing of this deepens the acceptance of my Grandmother’s no longer being […]

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