Winter Rose

Each end of year holiday season it is my practice to hope for and find a rose that I might bring into the house and share as part of my celebration. There is always one and I treasure and cherish it and give it thanks for remaining at this most special time of the year. […]

Biscotti Revisited!

Merry Christmas, dearest readers! Busy as a bee around here, just as you must be in your homes, preparing for a special holiday. Every year I like to make biscotti, and this year was no different, though I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly simply by dipping the finished cookies into melted white chocolate rather […]

Tiramisu Part One: Ladyfingers

Yes, yes, you are right. That is Julia Child. As I, like many American women I am certain, immediately went out and ordered her two volume cookbooks after viewing the highly successful “Julia and Julia”. And there they sat, basically, collecting dust. Until now. For I am on the quest to make the perfect tiramisu […]

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