Apples Galore!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways… The colder nights and milder days tip the autumnal scales and I find myself once again with the glorious dilemma of what to do with all the ripening apples on that very old delicious apple tree in the back corner of the garden. What a […]

Summer in the Rear View Mirror

Yesterday, as if I needed a reminder (I didn’t), rain fell gently upon the Earth all morning harkening the end of summer and the changing of the seasons. I’d already begun to reflect with nostalgia on certain visuals I found still lodged in the memory of my camera, light bound in a black box, serving […]

Growing Pumpkins is Not for the Tidy!

You’ve all been there. One second the pumpkin is a teeny little unobtrusive juvenile and you turn your back and he’s a wild teenager scrambling up walls, under bushes, over sidewalks, into tomato cages and under the arugula. Lordie! It’s enough to give a mother a heart attack. Ha ha ha. Hee. Actually, truth be […]

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