Farmers Market

Picture this. I’m standing on the main drag of Acapulco, way on the outskirts of town, across from the Princess Hotel waiting for a local bus (much to the dismay of the staff at the Princess Hotel) with my friend Dan Millman (yes, that Dan Millman, of Way of the Peaceful Warrior fame). Dan and […]

Indian Summer

One of my most cherished activities is found in the sheer luxury of being able to go into my garden in the early morning to pick the flowers that will grace my home, and the greens that will become part of my midday meal. All summer I have been blessed by the deep reds, oranges […]


The truth is I just love to bake! Oh, I can do a lovely soup and a few lofty tricks on a stovetop, but my preference is to put something in the oven once I’ve mixed it up, and then open the oven door at the prescribed time and have it turn into something all […]

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