Taking the Unknown Road

My next door neighbors have been rolling their eyes at me for months now due to my complete lack of familiarity with what lies east of this county. It seems I always go west or south, never east or north. Who knows why? Maybe it’s due to my natural human inclination to go towards what […]

Into the Woods

My daughter came last week and within a day I suggested we go into the woods. There particularly was a road I wanted to explore, but not alone, as I was familiar enough to know there were places where it was only one lane, and I still do not know where it ultimately leads. What […]


For the last month or so I kept noticing that the first two lines of Emily Dickinson’s poem “Death” were occasionally passing through my mind, like the crawl on CNN. I am very fond of Emily so I was simultaneously intrigued and curious. Last Friday evening I received a phone call that began with the […]

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