I Feel Pretty!

I found it charming that Philip at Philip’s Garden Blog came by for a second visit (and comment) for my Digging Dog visit and post. I fully understood, though. It had been a big challenge to narrow down my focus of the many fantastic images I was able to capture while there. After some thought […]

Field Trip:Digging Dog

Arriving at Digging Dog is not a particularly easy feat, but it is spectacularly beautiful. One must first wend ones way through the Anderson Valley, home to many old wonderful wineries, followed by a slow snaking through an ancient sacred redwood forest, eventually coming along an old ever-widening river that leads one to a breathtaking […]

The White Picket Fence

The first time I moved to Mendocino was when Antonia went off to college and “mom moved to the country to get a dog.” I went from a burgeoning Marin County to a little bitty town out on the coast, directly across the street from the raging ocean on the headlands. Oh my gosh, it […]

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