Wreaths, Part Two!

Maggie’s wreath

When I recently wrote about gathering natural materials for a wreath from what one would find in the garden I fully expected to shortly be posting a pic of the wreath I’d made from that bevy of beautiful gatherings. However I did not anticipate that only two days later all I’d brought together, and oh so thoughtfully, I’d believed, stored in water in a big water tub would be stuck under an inch of ice! Haha! So I waited for an opportune time and warmer temps. Meanwhile I learned the holiday gods were conspiring to make my wreath-making a much more lively and social affair than I’ve envisioned when dear longtime friend Maloah called one morning and invited me to a Greens Party, held annually at her sister’s house. I could bring whatever I wanted for wreath-making, and her sister would be providing a wide range of creative options from which I was welcome to choose whatever I fancied! How fun and how lovely!

So yesterday I found myself walking out onto Maggie’s deck where Christmas carols were playing, and where a number of tables had been set up, each bearing numerous choices, and each surrounded by longtime friends of Maggie, all making their holiday wreaths! What a fantastic way to officially enter the holiday season!


dried fruits

wreath in making

I am one of those folks who meets the animals at gatherings usually before I meet the people. This was Maggie’s orange kitty who was very responsive. He recognized a kitty lover immediately. So cute. His name is Flapjack! I just called him Kitty and he liked that. 😉


guest making lovely wreath

As we worked on our wreaths Maloah and Maggie explained to me that the Greens Party had been initiated many decades ago by their mother, who has since gone to heaven, and they are carrying on the tradition! This piece of information touched my heart deeply, that I was partaking in an old family tradition. What a wonderful thing for adult children to do. I felt her mom’s presence at this gathering. It was palpable.

This was the wreath I worked on. I found myself wanting to keep it very simple, gravitating to primarily rosemary and true myrtle, to which I have an affinity, with a bit of willow added for more texture. Also I finally made use of the quinces that grow in my garden!


Here was the final result!

I am sharing this in plenty of time for you to consider a Greens Party at your home, with those you love. What a nurturing memory for your family.

Meanwhile, if you email me pics of the wreaths you’ve made at plantjoyblog [@] gmail.com I will add to this post! I would love to see what you’ve created!

Enjoy the spirit of the season.

Love and holiday blessings,
Kathryn xoxox

Book News: I am hearing from friends they are buying copies of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy as Christmas presents for their loved ones. I invite you to consider whether a copy would bring joy to someone on your list. Thank you!

Here’s Maloah’s wreath, which she kindly sent along! Beautiful!


14 Responses to “Wreaths, Part Two!”

  1. “consider a Greens Party at your home, with those you love. ”

    This indeed was a party for those you love! How lovely that Maloah provided all the “ingredients” — except your quince!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. An inspiring post.

    I hope i have time to do a new wreath. I haven’t used fresh greens for two years, !!!!

    Disability has taken a temporary toll. !!
    All the best, creative one. Betsy

    i am learning to weave with pine needles so I am not completely lacking in a creative outlet !!

  3. Wonderful! I love this, mom! What a fantastic activity for the holiday season. 🙂 Joyful!

    Love, Antonia xoxo

  4. Hi, Alice, and welcome! Maloah and her sister provided an abundance of choices, bless their hearts! I actually brought rosemary and myrtle from my garden, as it’s what I had to offer–and myrtle is hard to find. No one at the party knew it, which does not surprise me. My post on myrtle is often found and visited and asked about. It is among my favorites in the garden. Kathryn xoxo

  5. Hi, Betsy! Weaving with pine needles sounds intriguing! I will have to hear about that! Sending healing blessings and love to you and Al. Kathryn xoxo

  6. Hi, Antonia! Yes, it was WONDERFUL! I loved it! Love, Mom xoxo

  7. Hi Kathryn! I’m so glad you were able to join us, and now you have a wreath filled with love, beauty and memories! Enjoy! I’ve sent a picture of my wreath, plus a few more to add if you want to.
    Big hugs and Cheers!

  8. Always enjoy your posts and this is no exception. I have good memories of wreath making parties in Morris when we made huge messes in my big kitchen while enjoying each other. I’ll settle for greens in the garden tubs this year.

  9. Hi, Maloah! Yes, so true–a wreath filled with love, beauty and memories! So much better than buying at the Christmas Tree stand!! Thank you so much for inviting me! <3 Love, Kathryn xoxo

  10. Hi, Alice! Thank you! What a lovely image–of you and your friends gathered in your kitchen making wreaths together. I’m wondering if this is more common back East? I was asking Maloah and Maggie how common Greens Parties are, and we think it might occur in some churches, but that it’s less apt to happen in someone’s home. Is that true these days? Let’s bring them back! Kathryn xoxo

  11. Kathryn:

    This is such a fab idea, thanks for posting I am sharing with friends especially here in New England we have got the greens. Luv your use of the humble bu,t adorable quince and the plaid bow harkens tradition. I simply love this idea of people being creative around a festive occasion .We still have a few granges up here but a senior center would suffice as they foster community activities.These are super pics especially the cat. Looks like such fun people engaging Luddites unite.

  12. Hi, Lisa–Love your view from New England! Yes, I think the plaid bow speaks of tradition. You nailed it. And, yes, oh, my, you do have an abundance of greens from which to gather. Hope you make one. If you do, send pic and I will post! Kathryn xoxo

  13. This is how fun wreath-making is. Yayy!

  14. Hi, Mark and welcome! Wreath making with friends was really really fun! Kathryn xoxo

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