Spring, Glorious Spring!

Clematis As the blessing of Easter approaches I find this single flower and its accompanying bud embody the power of the message of spring. Beauty is upon us and promise beckons. Listen, everyone has a chance. Is it spring, is it morning? ~Mary Oliver I need not search far for beauty. It is on every […]

In Search of Spring (Still)

Granted this insatiable quest for spring (echoed in antsy gardening blogs around the globe, I might add) is fueled undoubtedly by weeks of warm dry weather. Not a drop of rain. So of course I got my hopes up, shoving my guilt to the back of the room, knowing in my heart of hearts we […]

Bamboo and Roses (I concede.)

Well, dear readers, you may as well know the truth. This post was *strictly* supposed to be about my continued adventure with bamboo, but something got in the way. Yes, the rose fairies, and there you have it. I’ve said it straight out. What’s a girl to do? I tried to tell them this space […]

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