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For over three decades I lived in Marin County, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I love that county and it served as a wonderful place to raise a child, my Antonia. But places that lovely don’t stay unnoticed and as people discovered its beauty and moved in, the county became more and more crowded, and pricey. I longed to move to a place that was more still. I took a trip with Antonia to Washington state, which I loved and imagined that might become my home. But hard as I looked I could not find the “right town”. Encouraged, but confused, I returned back to Marin and resumed my busy life, which included a jaunt up to meet new clients in Mendocino County. Antonia accompanied me and as we drove along the two lane highway running along oceanside we passed a small sign at the entrance to a small offroad. “Kathryn Hall, Publicist, Frog Pond Road. Do you think they’d go for that in New York?” I joked.

As we entered the small village of Mendocino my eyes lit up as I surveyed the architectural charm and the plethora of lovely gardens.

“I think this is the town I was looking for in Washington!” I excitedly told my daughter. I went directly to a realtor and inquired about houses. “I have just the place,” she said. And she drove us back to Frog Pond Road! As we entered the driveway I knew immediately this was my next home. And so it was.

One of the places I loved in the small town of Mendocino was Gallery Bookshop, owned at the time by Tony Miksak. I met Tony and he happened to interview me for Mendocino’s local paper, because, frankly, that long ago it was news for a business person, a publicist, to be running her business from the woods!

Recently I had the occasion to drive out again to the coast and I could not resist driving up Frog Pond Road where I planted that first garden that was the nascent inspiration for my new book Plant Whatever Brings You Joy. Where I had first scratched out a small plot there now grew a small datura with a Buddha planted below it. I smiled. The wooden fence now bore thick purple passion flowers. My small vision had been seen and cherished and augmented. How dear.
But now I was returning to drop off the first copies of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden, all these many years later as I will be doing my first booksigning at Tony’s old bookshop, also seen, loved and expanded, the Gallery Bookshop, facing the beloved Mendocino headlands and the Pacific Ocean, a most lovely place to be.
So I have come full circle, my dearest readers, and will begin my public presentations at the very spot the vision began. I hope locals folks can join us the evening of September 17th at 6:30PM. I would so love to see you. More information can be found here. Thank you!

Love and blessings,
Kathryn xoxo

8 Responses to “Mendocino Booksigning: Gallery Bookshop”

  1. What a nice homecoming!

  2. Good morning, Lisa! So true! Thank you! Kathryn xoxo

  3. Owwww… what a beautiful story – isn’t it amazing to come to a place and KNOW – yes, this is right the place for me. I had similar feeling when I came to the place where I live now.
    I hope many people will appear!

  4. Hi, Ewa, Yes, it’s comforting to know you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Glad you had that experience where you are now. 🙂 Thank you for the booksigning well wishes! Kathryn xoxo

  5. Hi Kathryn,

    It’s so nice to hear a story of such courage . . . and where your courage got you to the place you needed. I’ve had that thought (to find a place), but have been afraid. Recently, though, I’m realizing that I’ve got to push through that. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

    Did you stay in Frog Pond?


  6. Welcome, Pati. I did! I stayed there for two lovely years. It was the perfect place at the perfect time and then my life took a new direction. Gathering courage to make big changes is one of the best spiritual practices we can engage in. Blessings! Kathryn xoox

  7. Hi Kathryn. What a lovely homecoming story to come back from my holidays to! 🙂

    I hope your book signing (and book sales) goes well …….. and I wish I had a purple passion flower like in your beautiful photo!

  8. Hi, Liz! Thanks so much! Sales are going very well, I’m happy to say! This particular bookshop just requested ten more copies as they had sold out of first batch! Music to an author’s ears! I love that purple passion flower, too.
    Kathryn xoox

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