Interview with Tim Miejan–so fun!


Dear Readers,

Hello! Hello! Obviously at this point in time my focus remains tightly on the publication of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy and the unfolding of its making its way into the world. This morning I sat with Antonia (just back from a summer in Costa Rica!) eating freshly baked scones, sipping tea and eyeing the many many boxes of books which are at this time housed quite literally very close to the area where we were sharing our breakfast. Yes, indeed. And I found myself saying to her, “I wonder where these books will go? What is each one’s destiny? What thoughts will they evoke and whose lives will they change?” Point of fact, I have mounted a map on my office wall and every book I can track, I do track on the map, by adding a sticky-backed rhinestone (yes! they make them!) to the new location. True story and such fun!!
(It’s very twinkley on this end!) 🙂

So far the books have made their way to about 20 states (including Hawaii!), and to Toronto and to Poland (Ewa in the Garden–review coming!) and the first is off to England to Liz’s Nutty Gnome today! Now I will have to mount a map of Europe as they fly like the seeds of the dandelion off to new shores. It’s happening. It’s exciting! I wish you could all come for tea and I’d show you the full range of all the reviews, and the first tv interview. The first radio interview is coming up Sept. 5th which is two full hours with callers! It reaches 37 states and half of Canada. And I have just submitted an article to Science of Mind, due out in their January issue. (I will keep you posted.) But as it’s not possible to share all the dynamics, I’m going to be true to my process and to my heart and yours, and share what I think you might enjoy. Towards that end I’m including here the links to an interview conducted by Tim Miejan who is in Minnesota, a dear man, editor of a publication called The Edge. It was just posted this morning! He divided the interview into two parts, so I’m giving you both links. I really did take great pleasure in reading these and I think you will, too. I particularly liked Part Two as we talked about some of the stories in the book (which he loved!) and we talked about The Scarf Project, which included so many of you.

Part One of Tim’s interview here.
Part Two of Tim’s interview here.

Enjoy, dearest readers!

Love and garden book blessings!
Kathryn xoxo

9/6 footnote: A special welcome to listeners of “Amplify” last night. If you are interested in knowing more about Plant Whatever Brings You Joy, simply visit I hope you enjoyed the interview last night and I thank you for your visit!

4 Responses to “Interview with Tim Miejan–so fun!”

  1. Awwwe! I Love that pic of you at the top! I know you’ve been immersed in bookland, and rightfully so, as it is a gift to the World and deserves lots of attention! I really enjoyed the articles, too! Keep on, Beautiful mom of mine! 🙂

    Love you,

  2. Thank you, Antonia! Your support is so appreciated! Love, Mom xoxo

  3. So enjoyed your delightful book, dearest Kathryn, and anxious to share it with my beautiful daughter. Happy to see you celebrating this wonderful time in your life that you so richly deserve. How endearing you look in your top photo!

  4. Good morning, dear Joey! So honored and appreciative that you were one of the first to read my new book! And, yes, this is a book to share with our daughters–and sons! Thank you for recognizing the importance of this particular time in my life and for joining me so fully in that celebration!
    Glad you like the pic! 🙂 Hugs! Kathryn xoxo

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