Getting Ready for the Garden

Ha! I know what you were thinking when you read Getting Ready for the Garden. You thought new gloves, cleaning up handtools, preparing the Earth, raking, bringing out the lawn mower and all the requisite steps we each are required to do for a successful season. But actually, I was talking about getting YOU ready […]

Pumpkin Made Easy

A recent excursion south gave me the luscious opportunity to fill my larder with organic pumpkins and squashes from Oak Hill Farm down in Sonoma County. What a treat! And most of us, I’m certain, have pumpkins within easy reach around this time of year. But what’s the easiest way to prepare pumpkins, and their […]

Interview with Tim Miejan–so fun!

Dear Readers, Hello! Hello! Obviously at this point in time my focus remains tightly on the publication of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy and the unfolding of its making its way into the world. This morning I sat with Antonia (just back from a summer in Costa Rica!) eating freshly baked scones, sipping tea and […]

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