Another Garden Transforming a Community!

Neighborhood Seed Saving Project

One of the most life-affirming, inspiring movements in the world today is the Community Garden movement, particularly when it involves teaching children. And we see or hear of examples of this emerging trend throughout our country. But there is nothing as profound and wise and enlivening as bearing witness or becoming involved in a community garden that not only includes children, but also totally transforms a neighborhood, and that is precisely what Brightmoor Youth Garden in a formerly impoverished and crime ridden neighborhood in Detroit is doing! I learned about this marvelous endeavor on Super Soul Sunday on OWN and I immediately googled them and wrote to the co-founder, Riet Schumack, asking for a link to this vid, which she kindly shared.

Riet says, “Ultimately blight is an expression of the breakdown in human dignity and the breakdown of community. Poverty in itself doesn’t cause blight. It’s when people lose hope and stop caring.”


I am going to let Riet tell you her story via this vid, as it’s beautifully produced. My deepest apology for the ad that was built in to the beginning of this wonderful vid. It’s standard at to include these at the beginning of all videos and interviews. It’s short, and worth the 30 second delay. 🙂

Is that not the most positive story you’ve heard recently? There is more information on the history and development of Brightmoor Youth Garden here.

I would love to hear about similar projects in your locale. Or perhaps this story will inspire you to start your own!

Love and garden blessings,
Kathryn xoxo

Footnote: If you are inspired by this story, check out this indigogo project to raise $10,000 for Neighbors Building Brightmoor Community Kitchen. These people are solid, inspired and creative folks and should be better known as role models for urban areas around the country! They have raised over $6,000 to date. Want to help? Click on the link and share the link on your social media platforms. Thank you!

Book News: Many thanks to everyone I met at the Book Depot in Mill Valley last Saturday afternoon. It was a fun time and I deeply appreciated the opportunity to meet new people, sign books, and to share Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden. Meanwhile Barnes and Noble has made copies of the book available throughout the country!

4 Responses to “Another Garden Transforming a Community!”

  1. How inspiring, mom! What an amazing transformation, and important reminder of the power of connecting back with the earth as a community. Yes!


  2. So true, Antonia! Every time I watch this vid I get teary-eyed. I’m so grateful for those heroes who are teaching people in “food deserts” to return to the simple and empowering task of turning to their back yards with a handful of seeds and a shovel! What a blessing! Love, Mom xoxo

  3. You have both spoken well on this excellent project.

  4. Thank you, dear Alice! Kathryn xoxo

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