Biscotti Revisited!

Merry Christmas, dearest readers! Busy as a bee around here, just as you must be in your homes, preparing for a special holiday. Every year I like to make biscotti, and this year was no different, though I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly simply by dipping the finished cookies into melted white chocolate rather […]


pumpkin harvest Truly one of the joys of life for any gardener is growing pumpkins, harvested just in time for Halloween, and if you have not done it ever, I encourage you to try! This year I did not, but the above photo illustrates the venture as part of my history, which I treasure. Those […]

Let’s Make Mexican Wedding Cakes!

It’s cold outside. The sun has not burned off the fog, though I’m hoping for a sunny afternoon. It’s Sunday morning and the house is begging for something in the oven. I’m thinking Mexican Wedding Cookies are a good option, as, even though I usually make them during the holidays–and did–I want more! So I’m […]

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