Flower Games of Children

Summer brings the abundant gift of many kinds of flowers, and, so, it was not unlikely a friend and I would begin reminiscing recently about games we played as children with various blossoms and plants in our childhood gardens. Here are the ones we most readily recalled. Daisy chains “Daisy chain” by User Ecrips on […]

Biscotti Revisited!

Merry Christmas, dearest readers! Busy as a bee around here, just as you must be in your homes, preparing for a special holiday. Every year I like to make biscotti, and this year was no different, though I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly simply by dipping the finished cookies into melted white chocolate rather […]


pumpkin harvest Truly one of the joys of life for any gardener is growing pumpkins, harvested just in time for Halloween, and if you have not done it ever, I encourage you to try! This year I did not, but the above photo illustrates the venture as part of my history, which I treasure. Those […]

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