When Spring Comes Early…


As I tune in to gardening bloggers’ reports of their garden activities and local weather around the country there is a common thread–most of us are getting an early version of spring, followed by a colder, wetter winter pattern. So January and February sported some unusually warmer temps now followed by some pretty colder nights and days! Ah, but those warm days were appreciated in all honesty, and for a few weeks the garden flourished, and some hardy souls still prevail!

Blossoms in the plum tree were more abundant than I ever recall before, backed by the bluest sky to grace this valley in a long long time.

plum tree

Consistent with the generous bounty the daffodils made a splendid showing!


Not to be outdone, the rosemary sported the most blue blossoms since being planted a decade ago!


Responding to the unusual warmth and gentle rains, the camellias began their annual parade. I never tire of their beauty, as one might imagine.

pink camellias

red camellias

These large white with pink camellias are a double joy as they smell like gardenias!

white and pink camellias

Inspired, I pulled out winter pots, cleaned them up and began filling them with flowers I know could withstand any turn in the weather. I learned when I lived in Asheville through two cold winters that I could rely on pansies and violas. Good to know!


And primroses will also do well in the changing of the seasons, particularly if left in pots on tables protected by an umbrella or overhang or perhaps a shrub overhead.



Yesterday I saw the my first butterfly of the season and this afternoon I spied two bumblebees in the blue blossoms of the rosemary. If indeed there are more cold nights spring has taken a firm hold in Northern California and I celebrate and embrace its beauty with love and great joy.

What is blossoming early in your garden?

Love and garden blessings,
Kathryn xoxo

Book News: This month I was blessed with this beautiful review of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy written by Diana Wentworth, co-author of two Chicken Soup for the Soul Titles. “I love depth and wisdom of this beautiful book. It brings back the joy and discovery of A Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh that I read in my twenties. My own cherished copy is dog-eared, marked with stars and hearts, and resides on my ‘Favorites Bookshelf.'”

4 Responses to “When Spring Comes Early…”

  1. So much beauty! I can’t believe you already have daffodils. That rosemary is an exceptional shade and those camellias… swoon!

  2. Hi, Antonia! Yes, much of this is still in blossom and you will get to see! Love, Mom xoxo

  3. It is always inspirational to see what your” green thumb” is making bloom.

    I wish I could sneak out there to see it all in person.

    Florida had a freeze that killed all my annuals….but i will start over.
    My roses survived as well as herbs .

    Thanks for sharing.

    Love, betsy

  4. Hi, Betsy! Sorry to hear about your freeze! Isn’t it amazing how hardy roses are? I love them for that! Come visit! Love, Kathryn xoxo

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