The Gift of Recognition (x2!)

pico award
International Arte Y Pico Award

Isn’t she lovely?
Isn’t she wonderful?
Isn’t she precious?…
Truly the angel’s best…

Stevie Wonder

Oh, my goodness. In the last twenty four hours I have found, left in the wee hours at my virtual doorstep, not one, but the equivalent of two delicious bottles of cream! One was left by dear Ewa in Poland, who, bless her heart, awarded me with the Arte Y Pico Award and wrote:

1/ Kathryn at PlantWhateverBringsYouJoy from California – written by ‘light pen’ Kathryn – very witty and cheerful with many beautiful pictures. When I read it, I feel Kathryn smiling 🙂 Thank you Kathryn, that I found your blog and you feed my hunger for Good Vibes.

[Lap, lap, lap. Good timing!] Is that not so sweet? Yum! And if you go visit her blog you will be treated to a virtual tour in the most extraordinary multi-tiered garden in Poland at the moment. Lovely, Ewa!

And as if that were not enough, apparently the Universe has me on a little Recognition List this week (thank You, Mother/Father God) for when I opened my email, there was this lovely Arte Y Pico acknowledgment from the captivating Shirley Bovshow, host and designer of the “Garden Police”on the Discovery Home Channel! Wow! Thank you, Shirley!

1. Plant Whatever Brings You Joy blog by Kathryn Hall. How can you not love a blog with this name? Kathryn’s polished, yet accessible writing style inspires me to sign up for writing classes! Her posts are varied in subject matter from garden art, garden tools, vegetable gardening, recipes and much more. A common theme that I gravitate to is how Kathryn finds joy in most everything in life and in the garden.

[Slurp, slurp. Irreverent burp. Awww. Thanks. I feel better now!] Yes, timely. And I feel so very honored.

So now my curiosity is naturally piqued and I have to find out more about the Arte y Pico Award, of course! Apparently we owe this award to a woman named Ana who lives in Uruguay, who is a dollmaker. The tag line for her blog is “Dolls with History”! (Who knew??) Ana says:

…Me he embarcado en un maravilloso viaje conociendo artesanas de gran valor y con una creatividad increible.

And that means, she has embarked on a marvelous trip getting to know artisans of great worth and incredible creativity. And out of this impulse the Arte Y Pico Award evolved. Gracias, Ana!

I wrote to Ana in Spanish (she does not speak English) to see if I could hone in on the exact meaning of “pico” since it follows the word AND. Some things do better in Spanish. Here’s what she wrote to me:

Muchos me preguntan que significa el termino. Si tu entiendes lo que voy a explicarte y lo escribes en ingles, me lo puedes enviar para ponerlo en mi blog?? Yo no hablo ingles, solo uso traductor. Pico, es una forma de decir en mi pais, diciendo que es MUCHO de algo. Entonces ARTE Y PICO significa mucho arte. comprendes?

Which means, she gets asked that a lot, and if I can figure it out in English she will put it on her blog. It literally means “a lot of something.” And basically, ironically, it translates into a wonderful phrase in Mexico, “lo maximo.” LOL! It will never find its counterpart in English, but if it HAD to, it would be something like, Wow. The Best Art. Over the top.

I can live with that, right?

All awards and recognition, here and abroad, are to be cherished as recognition by your peers of what you have done in and out of magic.”

Paul Daniels, British magician
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In humble gratitude,
Kathryn xoxoo

15 Responses to “The Gift of Recognition (x2!)”

  1. Congrats

  2. Congrats, Kathryn — you are most deserving!

  3. Thank you, Deb and Nancy! Nancy I know you also received this award. Congratulations to you, too!
    Kathryn xox

  4. Well deserved! You have a most lovely and welcoming, and inspiring, blog!

  5. Much deserved, mom! Congratulations!!! Well done! 🙂
    Love you

  6. So happy for you that you received this recognition just when you needed it most! It is certainly deserved and how apropos that it came now.

    Continuing thoughts and prayers on your behalf.


  7. Hi, dear Loma, thank you so much. Yes, the timing could not have been better. As I was saying in the Fire post, life moves ahead in all its glory REGARDLESS. Kathryn xoxx

  8. Hola

    Muchisimas gracias por tus palabras, me has hecho muy feliz. Espero que entiendan lo que he querido decir cuando puse ese nombre al premio.

    Felicitaciones por tu premio!!!

    Besos desde Uruguay!

  9. Hola, Ana! Muchas gracias a ti! Si, entiendo perfectamente bien. Estoy muy feliz con tu premio! Ella es muy bonita. Estoy feliz conocerte. Ojala que regresas a visitar. Recibo los besos! Gracias! Catarina xxo

  10. Kathryn, ¡Enhorabuena! Estoy contento usted he recibido el reconocimiento para su trabajo maravilloso. Convengo que usted encuentra alegría en todo. ¡Encontramos alegría leyendo su blog! Philip

  11. LOL! Hola, Felipe! Muchas gracias, amigo! Catarina xox

  12. Congratulations Kathryn and thank you for the information about the award, I too received the award and was unsure of what it meant so I am thankful you were able to contact Ana. You have a wonderful blog home.

  13. Welcome, Kathi, and congratulations! Yes, I was happy to be able to shed some light on the award’s origin and shine a spotlight on Ana down in Uruguay! She seemed very pleased. 🙂 Thanks for the visit.
    Kathryn xoxo

  14. Hola Kathryn

    Gracias a tus palabras, muchas americanas estan visitandome, me escriben y agradecen.

    Han puesto un articulo sobre mi premio en un magazine online:



  15. Hola! Que bien que ahora te buscan y te escriben! Gracias por el link! Abrazos! Catarina

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