Taking the Unknown Road

My next door neighbors have been rolling their eyes at me for months now due to my complete lack of familiarity with what lies east of this county. It seems I always go west or south, never east or north. Who knows why? Maybe it’s due to my natural human inclination to go towards what is known, what has served me in the past, where I have friends. Maybe it’s just easy. Anyway, as my past two posts have indicated the Universe has been shaking up my reality a bit, and you know when the Universe moves around what you perceive to be permanent (ha ha ha), cracks in the walls appear and in those lovely cracks new ideas lodge themselves, and some of them get acted upon. Like today. Dragging out a map (gasp!) I actually charted the way to the next county over, which is truly Not That Far, my dears. So it’s really not much of a stretch. Except I’d never done it before. OK, that’s not completely true. I think I went over that backroad in my 20’s once. Or maybe in my 30’s. But who is keeping track? Not I. Today is today and this is the day I went over it today. And guess what? It was beautiful! And easy! And I will do it again! Here’s what I did, and found.

Heading first north, and then east I found my way into the neighboring Lake County, so it was quite appropriate when I spotted my first lake!

Pulling over into one of the many convenient places for Slow Drivers (we Californians are in a hurry and it is socially imperative for one to get out of the way if one marches to a slower drummer), I was able to walk about. Peering over the edge from where I stood, I was completely enchanted when I found this! (Who installed a swing?? And what fun to imagine the play that ensued here!)

While contemplating the answers to that question and those images I suddenly became aware I was not alone. Someone was down there fishing! Who does this in this day and age? Who finds a secluded spot and drops a line and hopes for the best?

“What will you catch?” I called down to him. “Maybe a bass,” he said. “Is the water clean?” I asked. “Clean enough,” the man said. I loved this exchange. “I’m taking your picture,” I said. And did. He laughed.

Back in the car, inspired and up for more adventure. More I got when I came to a lodge and found myself stopping, hoping to get a better insider view of the lake. Hoping, hoping. No one was in the office, so I sauntered out back with full access to the tourist view of the lake. Lucky me. Camera in hand, I went down to the water’s edge. Two women were engaged in a conversation but no one seemed to mind my presence. Here’s what I got to see.

Kayaks. I wonder if I stayed here if I would be brave enough to go in a kayak? Hmmm…

I’m now noticing the lake narrows into what looks like a river feeding the lake. I come closer to the water’s edge and a group of ducks respond by taking flight. Snap.

I am delighted. I now turn my attention to the two women, one of whom, it turns out, does, in fact, work in the office. She tells me I am at Blue Lakes, and that what seems to be a river is actually this blue lake spilling into a second area known as Lower Blue Lakes, so headed the opposite direction from what I had been thinking. She tells me that the lake is fed by underground springs long ago created by an earthquake’s shifting the earth, and that there are areas of the lake where no one knows how deep it is. Aw, the mystery and intrigue! I see myself returning to this lodge, but thank this kind woman and continue on my journey, soon taking a side road that would spill me out into a small town fairly nearby. But, oh the getting there! I found myself pulling over several times, as I would be remiss not to share.

Can you imagine? And, of course I had to see this from the inviting and splendid entry.

I’d only just resumed my drive when I came full stop to capture this amazing old grove.

I still don’t know what kind of trees these are. One might suspect walnuts, given the area, but they are not consistent with the thickening host trunk one would expect. Any ideas?

No sooner was I in the car than I had to pull over again to peer over a bridge. Yes, glad I did.

Worth every stop. It’s not the destination, right? It’s the getting there. And get there I did, when my back road suddenly became the back door to the little town of Lakeport, which sits at the north end of what (apparently) is the largest natural lake in California, Clear Lake. I for sure had never been to Lakeport before. Charming, charming, my friends. I’d go just to hang out with the birds!

I could never tire of the beauty of a mallard. This one gingerly made his way in another direction but not before I caught his lovely image. Thankfully, he was headed toward the safety of friends. I was a little surprised, but happy, to find seagulls this far inland, among the ducks.

But you were probably hoping to get a glimpse of the lake, right?

Happy to oblige!

And what is particularly wonderful are the settings for enjoying the lake. Someone with a clear mind and kind heart did some good planning.

And can you imagine this gazebo emanating soothing music on a Sunday afternoon? I can.

One more peek at some of my new friends. Awww, Mr. and Mrs. Hello!

Picture postcard perfect, a nearby palm punctuates my day’s journey.

What better way to recall the supreme advantages of moving through any inner resistance to exploring new territories than this day? Lesson learned. What will I do next??

Love and travel blessings,
Kathryn xoxo

Another Happy Postscript!: Valerie of Elysian Field has honored Plant Whatever Brings You Joy with a Proximity Award. Details here! (And thank you, Valerie!) http://elysianfieldoriginals.blogspot.com/

29 Responses to “Taking the Unknown Road”

  1. How Lovely, mom!! I cannot wait to journey to the lake with you
    upon my next visit! ๐Ÿ™‚ What a Beautiful drive, as well!

    Love you,

  2. Antonia! Yes! I can’t wait to take you! How fun! We can take a picnic! We can FISH!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love, Mom xoxo

  3. Oh, I definitely need to see a pic of the two of you FISHING. LOL!! Anyway, thanks for the journey – I love lakes – well, all bodies of water, really. Iโ€˜ve only been to Clear Lake once or twice in all my years of living in CA. REALLY glad you ventured out and I do hope you keep up the practice. There IS a world out there ๐Ÿ™‚ And Northern CA is filled with beauty. Looking forward to all that you encounter…. Aloha, p.

  4. Hi, Pamela! You will be surprised to learn that Antonia LOVES to fish! So we will have to arrange that for you, FairyGodMother. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement. To new places! Love, Kathryn xoo

  5. How beautiful Lake Co. is, I remember going up there to Harbin Hot Springs in my CA days. Just up and over the mountains into the zone of steaming lands. Glad you are enjoying California for me too. Love, R.

  6. Like you in awe, dear Kathryn. What a delightful journey. I’m often drawn by mysterious paths, one of my favorite ways to spend an adventurous day (often on foot). Lake living is the best! I invite you and Antonia to join us for a fun-filled summer day … fishing, boating (pontoon or a Catamaran sail) , kayaking, a go-cart ride through our hilly woods (a bit scary but you’ll never forget it), a jet ski tour around the the 28 mile shoreline lake and ending with the remains of the day … a sunset supper! And that’s for starters … can we talk about being surrounded by the Great Lakes!

  7. HI, Rachel! Yes, the Harbin Hot Springs days. I haven’t been there in ages! Is that actually in Lake Co? I didn’t recall. I realize it’s south of Clearlake. So much exploring to do, of piecing together the old with the new! Expanding my palette. Thanks for joining me. Love, Kathryn xoxo

  8. A beautiful journey! I really enjoyed it. Did you happen to see the post DirtPrincess did on the 25th? She came and commented on mine that we both talked about journeys on that day. Sounds like we’re all on the same wavelength. Now I need to do a more detailed one – it is a great idea.

  9. Hi, Joey, I could not write this post without thinking of you, knowing you enjoy part of your life on a lake! It sounds divine. I think I could sign up! ๐Ÿ™‚ In a heartbeat! Hugs! Kathryn xoxo

  10. Welcome RainGardener! So glad you enjoyed the trip! Yes, what a delicious dilemma to be a blogger writing about what we find about us! Enjoy! Kathryn xoxo

  11. Hey! I’m so glad that you are getting out and about in our beautiful part of the world! Your photography is wonderful.

  12. I envy the BLUE SKY. What a refreshing trip it must have been. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi, Veronica! Yes! You would be so proud of me! Come up! We will go together! Thanks for the kind words re: photos! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love, Kathryn xoxo

  14. Welcome, Grace. I have to say I’ve been thinking to myself lately that the skies have been particularly blue this spring and that these blue skies remind me of my earliest years in Southern California in the country when the skies were REALLY blue. Thanks for noticing! Kathryn xoxo

  15. What a wonderful adventure Kathryn! You inspire me every time I visit.

  16. Hi, Kathryn.

    I, too, love your post . . . your writing and pictures. I followed some of the links on your blog and want to thank you for introducing me to Angeles Arrien and Patrick O’Neal. Reading their posts helped me tremendously. I thought, “How did they know . . . needed a push (?) or a friendly hand up (?) — ? Reading about your travels and insights inspired me, too. I sent links of your site and those above to a friend, mentioning that I’ve been feeling a bit trapped lately — in a way, I’d been thinking the “entrapment” was by others. Then, after reading the posts noted, I realized I may have been trapped by my own fears. I’m writing too much, so I’ll close for now and thank you again.



  17. Good morning, Linda! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you appreciate this blog! What a lovely way to start the day! Kathryn xoxo

  18. Hi, Pati–Yes, Angeles is a truly amazing spirit who has impacted thousands of beings on the planet, myself being one. She continues to inspire and guide through her books and workshops and retreats. Highly recommended! Glad you found her and Patrick through this door. ๐Ÿ™‚ Reading your comment what jumps out at me are the words “thinking the entrapment.” The irony, right? It’s all in the THINKING. See my daughter’s latest post at http://www.hittingsend.com titled “What Are You Telling Yourself.” Kathryn xoxo

  19. Kathryn,
    I am pretty sure that the trees in the groves in bloom are fruit trees. I can’t blow up the pictures enough to see the blossoms, but the shape is right. From the pink color of the blossoms, I’ll guess Almond, Cherry, Peach or maybe Apricots. Yes, Almonds are acturally fruit trees, they are closely related to peaches and apricots. Take a look at the seed some time. Hard to believe these is such a lush, wet area in California as all I read about is drought.
    We are all in early daffidol bloom these days with the classic spring frosted magnolias of Ohio. Down to 30 degrees tonight so the magnolias trying to bloom will get browned, as usual for most years here.
    Love, Julie

  20. Hi, Julie! Welcome! I’m sure you are right that the pink ones are fruit trees; I’m thinking plums. The ones I’m not sure about are in the orchard where there are no telling blossoms yet. More likely nuts of some sort, but, again, probably not walnut, as they have those telltale thick trunks onto which the nuts have been grafted. It’s a complicated process. And, yes, given that CA is so huge, we have many different terrains. The closer you get to OR, the wetter it gets. Ditto the coast, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your lovely daffodils! They are so optimistic! Love, Kathryn xooxo

  21. Another thank you — for introducing me to your daughter’s journal. Reading your writing and hers is timely. It’s interesting that you picked up on my reference to “thinking.” Enjoy the day!


  22. Hi, Pati–So glad you enjoyed Antonia’s blog! Kathryn xoxo

  23. Kathryn,
    You are a wonderful writer and photographer. I felt so peaceful reading this post and looking at the great pictures.
    And, you have a beautiful daughter.

  24. Hi, Sylvia! Welcome! Well, coming from you, given that you work on that lake I am deeply honored by your comments! Thank you! Thanks for your kindness when I came by. I look forward to more, soon! Kathryn xoxo

  25. Wow! What a fantastic place to live!
    I thought California was all coastline – oops! American geography wasn’t on the curriculum in the UK when I was at school. I’m glad I’ve learnt something new today.

    I love to go wandering along the back roads to see where I end up – but there’s nowhere round here that can match the beauty of those lakes.

    Thank you so much.
    Liz ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Hi, Liz, Yes, California is pretty amazing. I have left numerous times but always end up back here. And, you won’t believe this, but I was actually wondering as I drove around for this post if folks in the UK realized how BIG California is (I’m still trying to grasp it myself) and found myself trying to imagine how many UK’s would fit inside the state of California (for perspective). I don’t know the answer and would be reticent to guess. Anyone better at geography than Liz and I willing to venture an answer?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Kathryn xoxo

  27. I’ve chosen to award your site with a Proximity Award. Please stop by my blog anytime to pick it up. Thank-you for all that you share! I love reading your blog.

  28. Dear Valerie, That is so utterly kind of you! Thank you! I will visit this afternoon! Can’t wait! Kathryn xoxo

  29. Good morning, Abraham, Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Kathryn xox

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