Stocking Stuffers for the Gardener’s Soul


If truth be revealed, and you might well have suspected this by now, I am not
exactly your typical gardener. I am, afterall, my Grandmother’s daughter.
[See above.] Oh, I’m not above being seen with no makeup in my flannel pajama bottoms and a [cashmere, cough, cough] sweater with a [ditto] scarf wrapped around my neck very early mornings out front, picking up what the wind brought in the night before–my neighbors’ leaves, most likely–or stooping down to edge the lawn, or trimming the old lavender bush that endures out front, or pruning roses, and what-not. And my neighbors will testify to this. Yes, in her pajama bottoms. Hair tousled from the night before. So what? They really do not care. It’s that kinda town. But I do. And I can assure you that following this muddy foray I am immediately, and I do mean immediately, headed for a hot bath and soak, and hair styling and careful grooming and a solid Ralph Lauren look for the day.

And this brings me to the gardener’s soul and what Santa might be thinking
of putting in the gardener’s stocking to balance out all that hoeing and digging
and nailsplitting dirt. A girl needs balance.

First of all, I’m going to say right now, and I’m sure there will be people who find this very strange, but if my nails are done (as in properly and professionally manicured) I find they can endure the rigors of the garden much better. It’s simply protection. And I don’t mean those fake nails. Forgetaboutit.
I mean a simple basecoat. A nice color. (I like red, especially dark red.) And
then a topcoat. But what about gloves, you say, right? I bet I have good company when I say, “I don’t like to wear gloves. I like my hands in the dirt.”
We are complex creatures, and things don’t always add up as, well, consistent.
I do wear gloves if whatever I’m going to put my hands into is gooey or
I might get hurt. I have tons of gloves for every occasion. So Santa might
be inspired by above to give his gardening friend a gift certificate to a good
manicurist and some nice gloves. Now we’ve covered every eventuality.

While we are on nails I have to say that I’ve discovered that if I religiously
drink green tea every single day, which I do, my nails stay really strong.
Thought I’d throw that in…

OK, we have done our nails. How about that long luxurious bath we need after some deep shoveling and clearing away debris? I personally have a little corner of the bathtub where I have at least a dozen tiny bottles of oils lined up and
each bath gets a different few drops of whatever suits my mood and needs at
the time. Mornings are apt to get geranium oil or rosewood oil. Evening baths will almost assuredly be doused with lavender oil as it lends for good sleeping.
My other standards are eucalyptus (use with the rare cold), and rosemary.

Since it is Christmas a bit of indulgence is in order and now is the time to definitely bring out the bathsalts. And don’t forget a nice pumice stone for those dry feet and a loofah or a good long-handled body brush to get the circulation going! A wide variety of all the above mentioned products can readily be found at any good health food store, and all would be most likely be welcomed on Christmas morning. (Leave a list on the frig door??)

OK, you are fresh from the bath and now you need to lather yourself down
with a rich body lotion. I keep about four or five on hand and, again, use the
scents that appeal at the moment. These winter months I’m enjoying particularly
coconut and a wonderful blend I’ve found locally called Hawaiian Ginger and my new favorite, Harvest Pear. Yum. None of these things go on my face. The only cream that goes on my face is [here come the brands, and no, no one sent them to me for a blog tour, but I wouldn’t mind it if someone from their companies sent me a little gift certificate! Hey!] Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Cream, my secret weapon. Now you know. And as long as I’m mentioning names, you must have Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme for your feet, Burt’s Bees Almond Milk for your hands, and lastly Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm for your luscious lips. Ah, heaven.

Tired? Lie down, Mama, and put a nice scented eye pillow over your eyes and
take a little power nap. You deserve it. Haven’t you been thinking of everyone
else for the last two weeks?

Now see if you can get Santa to give you a nice foot massage to wrap things up.

Love and blessings,

One Response to “Stocking Stuffers for the Gardener’s Soul”

  1. I love your stocking list. I like all of those things. I do wear gloves most of the time now because of the centipedes and millipedes and other stinging crawleys, but I also get my nails done (and my toenails.) I, too, like baths and right now, I’m loving Origins’ ginger cream. Love the peppery scent.



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