Pussycat, pussycat where have you been?

Queen and kitty

Pussycat, pussycat where have you been?
I’ve been to London to see the queen.
Pussycat, pussycat what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse under her chair.

People who read this blog regularly know that I have two Border Collies and if you’ve ever been around Border Collies you know they would be the ones to frighten any mice. Fortunately it’s a non-issue on this particular property. Regardless, the poesjes are pouting that the doggies are getting far too much ink on this blog. What about us? Are we chopped liver? [They actually LOVE chopped liver…] So, to be fair, I’m going to devote this post to my current cat family. They are the babies in the family.

This is Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea, these are my visitors. Say hello.

Sweet Pea

She’s a very straightforward cat. You can see that. And a Siamese. And extremely affectionate. She is always, always very good. I can’t think of a single naughty thing she has ever done, ever. Isn’t that endearing? I think she’s very smart, and never moody. What you would not be able to determine, however, is that she is completely deaf. In all honesty, I cannot reveal her entire story here, today, as there is an entire chapter in my book Plant Whatever Brings You Joy devoted to her amazing introduction to our family, and it would not serve to spoil the story here. Best you read about her in full once it’s published and you find that in your hands, which I trust one day you will. However, a couple of things that were not revealed in her Big Story which I will share with you today. She owes being with me to a very mean dog, who chased her from a distant neighbor’s house into a deep woods, as a teeny little kitten. And she survived, deaf and all, alone in the woods until she sat squarely in my driveway, there in the woods, and has been with me ever since. There is much in between. But the advantage today is that you get to hear The Rest of the Story, and that is where she lives today and with whom. And that would be Luna.

Now in introducing Luna, I have to give you a teeny bit of background. Luna is a Maine Coon. She was a showcat. I bought her at a fancy cat show when she was competing. Unfortunately she went into heat just prior to the show, so while she was fully groomed to perfection she was more interested in rolling around in her kennel trying to attract any male kitty who would pay attention to her than she was in impressing the judges. True story. If her breeder saw the photo I’m about to show you, and have that be her formal introduction to the public, well, let’s just say she’s come a long way, Baby, from her pedigreed days. But, hey. She’s happy.

OK, here she is. Luna, look this way, sweetheart. You have visitors. [She won’t.]


See I told you. She lives in a candy box. What can I say? I brought it home from Costco one day with groceries in it. You know what they do, right? And the cats saw that little pre-cut door and they just moved in. I had zero choice about the matter. So I went with the flow. I placed it up out of the Border Collie activity safely on the clothes dryer and it’s been there ever since.

I always think Luna is part Pooh Bear. She’s got it all set up. Her box with comfy blanket. Her water. Her kibble. She doesn’t even have to leave her bed to eat. She can have a little snacky poo any time she fancies. I guess this is indicative of her earlier days afterall. A high maintenance cat when all is said and done. Needs constant combing. Will rush in front of my feet as I’m walking and trip me if her food dish is not as full as she thinks it should be. It’s true. The water dish in the kitchen must be topped off or she will sit in front of it and worry until it’s done. So, yes. A bit demanding. But very pretty, you must admit.

Now here is the best part. They ADORE each other. They are best friends and nearly inseparable. How sweet is that? They crawl into the candy box and if you check in on them during the day, when they often nap, each time you view them they will be in a different configuration, like Kaleidoscopic Kitty. It is absolutely precious. No matter where they are they wrap their arms around each other, bury their heads in each other’s fur and purr like crazy. It’s instant heartmelt, I’m telling you. I’ll show you. Ready?

Sweet Pea and Luna


Love and blessings from our house to yours,
Kathryn xoxo

20 Responses to “Pussycat, pussycat where have you been?”

  1. Beautiful cats ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Dag, Marie! Thank you for visiting! Kathryn


    Thanks for sharing this part of your precious family. p.

  4. Thanks, Pamela! Love, Kathryn

  5. Both of your kitties are lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚ The candy box bed is just too cute!

  6. Hi, Nancy! Thank you! Kathryn

  7. Sweet Pea has beautiful blue eyes. How fortunate that she found her way to your driveway. Both kitties are gorgeous, and they look so sweet together!

  8. Welcome, Linda. Yes, it was Good Fortune all the way ’round that Sweet Pea chose to come be with us. She only brings love and appreciation and gentleness, all good qualities to bring to a family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. That is heart-melting and oh so sweet. Both are beautiful cats.

  10. Thanks, Robin! And thank you for stopping by! Kathryn

  11. What a beautiful pair of kitties you have there Kathryn. The last picture is so nice( I wich my cats were such good friends)

  12. Hola, Gintoino! (I hope my Spanish works in Portuguese!) Yes, I so understand! In the past I have always had independent kitties who simply tolerated each other! It’s so nice to have two kitties who finally love
    each other! You never know! It’s just luck. Kathryn

  13. I have a Maine Coon cat my stepdaughter found in a dumpster nine years ago. His name is Clyde, and he is the most social cat I’ve ever seen. He walks with you down the street like a dog tends to do. He is black and white and very furry. If you ever visit my blog, the brenda blog, he is on the right hand side. I see his eyes are the very same shape as your cat’s eyes are. Aren’t they precious kitties!

  14. Brenda, lucky cat, your Clyde, to have been rescued by your daughter. I went to see him. Yep, he looks Maine Coonish. Is he big? Traditionally they are very big. Luna is smaller (so she was discounted, wahoo!). Kathryn

  15. You bring a smile to my face this morning. What joy cats are! We are down to three here, and cherish them all. Thank you for sharing your darlings.

  16. Welcome back, CurtissAnn! Yes, this particular post was definitely for the Cat Lovers. LOL! Sounds like we are among them. Thank you for visiting! Kathryn

  17. so cute! She looks adorable in her candy box. I love the painting at the top,too.

  18. They are pretty darn cute, for sure, Philip! Kathryn

  19. Awww. I have two cats too. One is Max, a regular kind of guy, orange tabby cat. Brigitte is the other, and she’s a Maine Coon – or perhaps half a Coon. I got her from a rescue organization, so we don’t know for sure, and she’s not much bigger than Max. They’re both about 8 pounds, and she’s a year and a half now, so maybe she’s just going to be a MiniCoon.

    Neither one is deaf. But I’m hearing impaired and love it when they sit on the couch. When four little ears all swivel in the same direction, I know that there’s something there that I’m not hearing…

  20. Hi, Nicolette. I adore orange tabby cats. I had one once. My fav. My Maine Coon is a MiniCoon, too. They are usually very large, as you must know. I do understand the hearing thing, as I live with two Border Collies, who always hear things way before I do. I rely on them to let me know. God bless our animals and the blessings they bring into our lives. Kiss your kitties. Kathryn xoox

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