Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: the Trailer!

Love and bountiful blessings!
Kathryn xoxo

Footnote: And, if you’d like to watch that again, ON A BIGGER SCREEN, it’s now on YouTube!!

12 Responses to “Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: the Trailer!”

  1. Very cool, mom! Congratulations on creating a beautiful vid! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you,

  2. Good morning, Antonia! Thank you so much! It was fun! Love, Mom xoxo

  3. What talent….I love it.
    Cheers & Hugs, Julie

  4. Hi, Julie! THANK YOU! I’m so glad you like it! Kathryn xoxo

  5. What a wonderful trailer Kathryn! I loved watching it. Keep up the good work promoting your book. It’s a great read.

  6. Hi, Lori, Thank you so very much! Glad you enjoyed! Kathryn xoxo

  7. Lovely, dear Kathryn. So enjoyed the book and our friendship. ((BIG HUGS))

  8. Good morning, sweet Joey! Thank you so very much. So appreciated! Kathryn xoxo

  9. How nice! Love that final image.

  10. Hi, Pam! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the vid. And, yes, I keep hearing that about the final image. FORTUNATE! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kathryn xoxo

  11. Hi Kathryn, what a lovely trailer! I really enjoyed watching it – where will it be used?
    I’ve just done another book review over on my blog ….not a patch on your book! ๐Ÿ˜› x

  12. Thanks, Liz! I’m so glad you like it! As noted, it’s on YouTube. I can now send editors and book buyers to the site for a quick peek at what they might expect and then follow up with press kits, copies of the book, etc. All in a day’s work and much more fun now! Kathryn xoxo

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