Mealtime Blessing

Thank you for the world so sweet.

Thank you for the food we eat.

Thank you for the birds that sing.

Thank you, God, for everything.


Love and bountiful Thanksgiving blessings,
Kathryn xoxo

Footnotes: Photo Sea Currents courtesy NOAA; Photo Grain in Sun courtesy Frank Grisdale (Visit highly recommended!)

8 Responses to “Mealtime Blessing”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Beautiful post.

  2. Thank you, Deb. And a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hugs! Kathryn xoxo

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well, Kathryn. All our love from here in central Ohio where I STILL have roses blooming and some summer annuals giving a last show, Julie & family

  4. Good morning Kathryn!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Antonia!
    I went to send you a Thanksgiving wish and I see you have this beautiful post up!
    This was the perfect way to begin my day.
    My whole family is getting together, so this is a very special Thanksgiving.
    I will share your post with them.
    (As I write this Isis our Siamese is letting me know in no uncertain terms it is time to play with stick and string…I imagine your Ruby and Conner love the Thanksgiving fun, too!) So, I am thankful for all our friends, with and without a tail!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, dear Julie! How fortunate to still have roses! I have a maybe three in various states of being. And the amaryllis opened just in time! Much love and gratitude to you, dear. Love, Kathryn xoxo

  6. Good morning, Philip and Happy Thanksgiving! This sounds like a very special holiday for you, indeed! I will be thinking of you and yours and your kitty. Thank you for the well wishes! Enjoy this beautiful day! Kathryn xoxo

  7. That was my childhood prayer every dinnertime- brings back memories

  8. Hi, Ilona. Mine, too. I hope this stirs in the heart of many readers and I’m glad it touched yours. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Thanksgiving. Kathryn xoxo

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