Is That Dog Dancing?? Yes!!

Dearest Readers:

Some things ought not to be “saved” rather like the good china, your favorite coat, your grandmother’s wedding rings and the silver, especially at Christmastime, wouldn’t you agree? After receiving a comment from Karen in Wales this morning, where the World Sheepdog Trials took place this year, I found myself wanting to add a postscript to the Sheepdog Trials at Hopland, then thought immediately of all the folks who have already visited that post, and would thus be missing one of my alltime favorite vids should I simply add as an afterthought. I’m therefore indulging in my shortest post ever to be able to deliver to your hearts and minds a most exquisite interaction between a handler and a Border Collie, lending you insight into what I regard as one of the finest interspecies communications I’m aware of. Indeed, some Border Collie owners and trainers have moved into the realm of dance, and thus I present to you the incredible work of Tina Humphrey and her Border Collie, Chandi. Note her tagline, “Two souls, one life.” Says Tina:

Bluecroft My Blue Heaven, is the registered name of my incredible Working Sheepdog (Border Collie), Chandi. I rescued Chandi from the dog pound when she was just 4 months old. I had always been fascinated with the blue merle colouring and thought one day that I might find ‘my’ blue merle. That day came, quite by accident, on November 11, 1998. Chandi had just been brought in to be rehomed at the very time that I was visiting the pound searching for a dog. From the moment I first met her, I have been totally enchanted by her beauty, intelligence and grace. We are the centre of each other’s universe, and the love we have for each other is the most precious thing in the world to me, and I cherish every minute we have together.

This is love in action, my darlings. Merry Christmas! Enjoy!

Did you find yourself getting just a wee bit weepy? I thought so. Yeah, me, too. Now go and kiss your pooch!

Love and Christmas blessings,
Kathryn xoxoox

24 Responses to “Is That Dog Dancing?? Yes!!”

  1. Ahh, Kathryn – I have not seen this before – it is lovely, thank you.

  2. Hi, Karen–thanks for the inspiration today! I’m glad you enjoyed her show! Kathryn xoxo

  3. I am simply wordless… How this can be achieved? thanks for sharing the beautiful dog and Tina.

  4. Awww! I had never seen it either! Just Lovely!
    Love you,

  5. Hi, Ewa! I know. Isn’t it amazing? It really opens the door to possibilities, doesn’t it? Our dogs are ever so much smarter and more capable than we give them credit for. Kathryn xoxo

  6. Oh, wow, Antonia! I can’t believe I never sent you this link! I keep it in a favorites file and watch from time to time as it always touches my heart. Glad you saw it today! Love, Mom xoxo

  7. Beautiful:) Being a dog person it has special meaning. It seems similar (but even more personal) to equestrian dressage. It tugs at my heart strings;) Jan/ThanksFor2Day

  8. Welcome, Jan! Tugging at the heart strings sounds about right. 🙂 I can see the dressage connection. I find myself wondering if the horses are as happy (as Chandi) to be doing that. I haven’t worked with horses, so I don’t know. But, yes, a real partnership in accomplishment. Glad you were touched, too. Kathryn xox

  9. Hi Kathryn, how wonderful… simply wonderful. ‘Two souls one life’ oh. I like that. Thank you! / Tyra

  10. Hi, Tyra! Thanks for stopping by. Can you relate? I can. It’s amazing how close we could be with our animals if we only knew it to be possible. Some lucky few of us do. Hugs. Kathryn xoxo

  11. Hi Kathryn and Everyone,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the very kind comments that have been left here about our video! Also, may I ask where you got the photo at the top of the page – I don’t have it?! I know that it is from our 2007 freestyle routine at Crufts, that video is also on our website.

    Thanks again,
    Tina and Chandi. X

  12. Good morning, Tina and Chandi! 🙂 I’ve sent you an attachment, as I could not find the place where I found that photo. So glad my readers are visiting your lovely site! And I HOPE my UK readers will take advantage of proximity and go see you in person and report back (and take some good photos while they are there!). Much love to you. Please please give Chandi a kiss for me! I’d be honored! Hugs! Kathryn xoxo

  13. You might think this is weird, but I put my poodle on my lap while I was watching this. Usually she barks and growls when she sees animals on the screen. Not this time. She was still and transfixed almost the entire 5 minutes! Thanks for giving us this special moment together today.

  14. Hi, JGH! I don’t think it’s weird! I think it’s wonderful! Poodles are really smart. I bet she really got it! Try something with her on the ground! Start with just letting her sit quietly in heel. Then try one thing. She LIKES it! I don’t think Conner would be suited to this work, but Ruby would be. She already knows the command “Walk around.” She walks round and round me in a circle. I taught her to do it so she would walk the mud off her feet onto a towel in the mudroom hallway! But I think I could transfer to more aesthetic realms! Good luck! Kathryn xoxo

  15. This was so uplifting to watch.
    So many wonderful steps. I love it when one paw is raised and then the other, and of course, the little bow! You can see she loves it.
    What a great way to start the day by watching this.
    Thank you,

  16. Good morning, Philip! Isn’t this too precious? I know. The bow is this most unexpected wonderful ending (as if I were not already boo-hooing through the whole thing!) 🙂 Enjoy your day! Kathryn xoxo

  17. I watched this and then made Wing Nut hang up in the middle of a phone conversation to come watch it too. We both had tears in our eyes. More than the fancy foot/paw work it’s the bond between the two that got to us.

  18. Hi,Curmudgeon and Wing Nut! Welcome! Yes, you totally got it. The bond! That deep love and devotion spilling out over our screens into our hearts. Yep. Nothin’ like it! If I had to pick one teeny moment it would be the moment Chandi looks back at her during the bow. Man, we should all be so blessed. Kathryn xoxo

  19. I can´t find any words, I haven´t seen any thing like this before.
    The dog seems to like it very much and enjoy it.


  20. Hi,Gunilla and welcome! For some reason we are not exposed to much of this. We see “dog tricks” but this goes so far beyond dog tricks. We are witnessing something very special, don’t you think? And this is much more available than we realize. Kathryn xoxo

  21. Kathryn,

    I am not surprised that you have this, I am surprised that everyone that did reply had not. I have seen it several times and love it. Good for you that you shared. Always enjoy seeing Connor and Ruby in action and so happy. Nothing like love shared between dog and dog lover.

  22. Good morning, Marjorie! So glad you were familiar with this wonderful vid! Kathryn xoxo

  23. That’s a wonderful show! Animals are so clever and affectionate! My horse puts his hoof into my hand when he wants an apple or something to eat. He is so funny! Le bonjour du sud de la France.

  24. Welcome, Claude! Bonjour! I would like to see your horse put his foot in your hand! It reminds me of the Border Collies (and probably most dogs) who make requests by pawing at one. It must be a universal language! Thanks for the cross-pond visit! Kathryn xoxo

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