Field Trip: Baker Creek Seed Bank


As most of my readers know the last few weeks I’ve been engaged in numerous field trips with a new purpose–to promote my book. Out of these adventures came a phone call from a very kind woman at one such bookstore, inquiring if I might be interested in doing yet another book event, this one at Baker Creek Seed Bank in Sonoma County. Thus was the beginning of a most marvelous adventure, south to Petaluma to what I discovered is very much a destination gardening center! For starters, this company is dedicated to the preservation and distribution of heirloom seeds, a most righteous endeavor. Most intriguing is the site they chose for the California branch of their Missouri-based company–an old bank building! Love it!
Upon entering I was so enchanted I ran straight back to my truck to secure my camera and began my afternoon activities with a shoot, on the spot. You’ll see why!
Wall design
Wall detail

It’s no wonder that the seed folk at Baker Creek found this building so enticing! Any person with an artistic sensibility would be drawn to this old architecture. What is most endearing is the reinterpretation from banking money to banking seeds. That can’t be beat!

Where tellers used to pack it in now stand rows and rows of the tools of our passions.
Wonderful charming pots!
Sturdy brooms
These might actually keep the squirrels out of my rose pots!

Love these marvelous English tools!
More pots, and seed packets!

Adding to the charm and color is the addition of local handcrafted quilts, honoring the local creativity and sense of community.

Most importantly, the women working that day were friendly, knowledgeable and infinitely patient with all the customers coming in to Christmas shop for the gardeners in their lives. Each customer was offered a cup of hot apple cider and encouraged to look to their heart’s content.

I had the opportunity to speak with many of the folks who visited that day and I was immediately taken by how many people were from other counties! Some had come over from Napa, some from as far away as south of San Francisco. This truly was a special place and I can’t think of a single gardening store I’ve ever visited that could rival it. It’s truly not a nursery full of starter plants and fully grown plants one can pop into the earth for an instant garden. No. It’s a place for dreams. It’s a place of possibility. It’s a place for learning. And it’s first and foremost truly a place to buy high quality heirloom seeds (more than you can imagine!). I saw packets of seeds for zillions of vegetables I’d never heard of before. I’d opened The Vegetable Door. I’d by-passed agribiz and commercial produce and gone to The Source as it Should Be.

Can you tell I’m in love with this store? I can’t wait to return and soak up everything I can. I came home armed with their new seed catalogue. And trust me when I say I am NOT a Seed Catalogue Fan. Until now. And now I know why. This catalogue opens an entire new world of food possibilities to me. Endless variety.
And a universe of information, dealt from a caring heart. What’s not to love?

For more information please visit I encourage you to do this.

Love and Christmas blessings,
Kathryn xoxox

12 Responses to “Field Trip: Baker Creek Seed Bank”

  1. Oh what fun!!! I wish I were there with you. Thank you for the tour. I’m planning on visiting their farm days in Missouri this spring. Can you say road trip? I love the cover of your book btw.~~Dee

  2. Hi, Dee! Glad you and enjoyed, and oh how fortunate to be visiting the MO site!! There’s one in CT, too. Hope you post your adventure! Thanks for kind words re: cover. Yes, my designer is a talented guy! Kathryn xoxo

  3. What a Gorgeous building, and fun store! Thanks for sharing this Lovely field trip, mom! I look forward to seeing it in person some day!

    Love you,

  4. Hi, Antonia! Yes, I bet you would love it! You can stop by on your way north sometime when it’s convenient. Merry Christmas, Sweetie! See you soon!
    Love, Mom xoxo

  5. Hey, I love it. Sending it on to my daughter. Merry Christmas Kathryn.

  6. Good morning, Alice, and welcome! Thanks for sending along the link, and Happy Holidays! Kathryn xoxo

  7. I’m delighted to see your merry face and happiness with the progress of your heartwarming book, dear Kathryn. Christmas Blessings!

  8. Merry Christmas, Joey! Thank you for that bright reflection! Loving thoughts to you and your family. Kathryn xoxo

  9. I love the building! I wish more banks would become seed stores, the world would likely be a better place. Thanks for sharing. I sent this link to my daughter who has a thing for seed stores.

  10. Hi, Jim, and welcome. Yes, it’s a great reframe–investing in our future by preserving our natural longtime heritage–our seeds. Our lives. Kathryn xoox

  11. Kathryn, hello to you. I’m sooooooo happy you are doing well and it seems like Conner has finally grown up. Please give him a love from his old family. 🙂 All my best, Sara

  12. Hi, Sara! Thanks for the cyberlove. I told Conner. 🙂 Yes, he just turned 7 and he’s finally matured! Happy New Year and warm best to you and yours.
    Kathryn xoxo

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