Biscotti Revisited!

Merry Christmas, dearest readers! Busy as a bee around here, just as you must be in your homes, preparing for a special holiday. Every year I like to make biscotti, and this year was no different, though I tweaked the recipe ever so slightly simply by dipping the finished cookies into melted white chocolate rather than dark or milk chocolate. I thought I would remind you all how very easy they are to make–and so delicious, and a favorite with almost everyone.
So enjoy the photo of my creation of today–and visit the recipe I posted here a couple of holidays ago, and consider adding to your Christmas plans, or even save for a special New Year’s Eve celebration!

This just in! One of my lovely Twitter followers who made biscotti last year when I posted the recipe, has also revisited Biscotti Making and, wow, did she expand with her own creativity? She did, indeed! Take a look!

Mikki’s Biscotti creation!

Heart warming, mouth watering, inspiring and spectacular!

Love and holiday blessings,
Kathryn xoxo

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7 Responses to “Biscotti Revisited!”

  1. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Plant Whatever Brings You Joy
    Wouldn’t it be great if we could plant and harvest Biscotti!
    I guess it would have to grow in a pod like a bean or pea so that this rain would not ruin it. Or maybe it could be like a banana – just peel and eat. 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Good morning Tatyana and Lea! Merry Christmas to you both! Lea, you have me LOL! I will be thinking today of biscotti growing inside a pod, to be peeled and eaten at one’s leisure! Kathryn xooxo

  4. YUM! Those look so delicious! You do make the best biscotti! Wonderful to share with lucky readers 🙂 Perfect for the Holidays!

    Love you,

  5. Hi, Antonia! I’ll be so happy to share with you soon!! Love, Mom xoxo

  6. You have a lovely website. I have bookmarked it and will come to visit often. I share with you the same sentiments regarding butterflies, bees and wasps and especially bees as they are vanishing at an alarming rate :-(.

  7. Good morning KL! Welcome! Yes, alarming is the key word. Hopefully we will listen and respond. Thank you for the visit and the kind words. Kathryn xoxo

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