Autumn Leaf Contest!


So, dear readers, most of us are living in a world of autumnal beauty at this time of year. How well do you know what lies beneath your feet? I invite you to peruse the leaves you find below and to name those trees! First person to correctly identify all the trees autumnally portrayed wins a copy of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden! Please note trees are available in all regions, so there’s no favor given to West Coast trees. Ready. Set. Go!

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

So! Good sleuthing begins now! Good hunting! Good luck! Looking forward to sending the winner a copy of my book! 🙂

Love and autumn blessings,
Kathryn xoxo
Postscript and hint: Number 8 not actually a tree! 🙂 #thisisCalifornia

Book News: Highlight of the week undoubtedly was this amazing quote left on my Amazon book page by Ronney Aden, longtime editor of the insightful publication Inner Words. What an honor!

“I am so inspired by your book, I will share some of my thoughts.
Your book is (again in my estimation) one of the best books I have seen for the spiritual community. I can see a workbook, and workshops, and live events!!! You have soooooo MUCH in your little book. I only say ‘little’ book, because of the VAST wisdom within every sentence. I also immediately saw a YEAR long program – a chapter a week. I can see ‘others’ using your format to teach from also, and you teaching others how to use your GUIDE…You have written a master piece and I would love to see your wisdom spread around the world.
How about a beautiful deck of Tarot Cards – Your fabulous photos from your blog, with the words of wisdom !!!
Now that I have finished the book, I have the same feeling as when you leave a GREAT movie – you keep going over and over the pearls and jewels. I feel closer to you, my heart feels warm, and you have opened many doors of new awareness for me. I am grateful for you sharing your book, I see the world a better place as they gain from your wisdom.”


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10 Responses to “Autumn Leaf Contest!”

  1. No. 6 has me stumprd.

  2. Not fair. Some of these must be western trees and I don’t know them. Will give you the ones I know.
    1. Dogwood
    4. Ginko
    6. Larch, the only “evergreen” to lose its leaves
    7. From the red oak family, I’ll guess Scarlet Oak by the leaf color.
    That should at least get the conversation going. 5. May be an ash of some type, the leaf structure is right but I don’t know the fruit. Will be waiting with bated breath to find out the whole list.
    Cousin Julie

  3. ooOO! Fall fun, mom! I only recognize a few of those by name, but the pictures are beautiful and I enjoyed the journey through them. 🙂

    Good luck to someone!


  4. Hi, Antonia! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the visual journey. Love, Mom xoxo

  5. Hi, Jeanne! Snoop around. Maybe you will get it. Meanwhile I hope you will submit another comment (which I will hold until end) with the ones you have ID’d! 🙂 Good luck! Kathryn xoox

  6. Okay, although I love trees, I am not the best at identifying them but here goes.

    1. Kousa Dogwood
    2. Fig
    3. Amelanchier
    4. Ginkgo
    5. Pepperberry
    6. Bald Cypress
    7. Pin Oak
    8. Sycamore
    9. Raywood Ash

    There you go. Fingers crossed.

  7. OMG…so many I’m not sure of…here are my best buesses
    1 – Dogwood
    2 – Fig
    3 – Amelanchier
    4 – Ginko
    5 – Ash
    6 – Metasequoia
    7 – Oak…Pin Oak maybe
    8 – Sycamore
    9 – Chinese Pistache

  8. Well, dear readers, we have a winner! Sally. The odd thing is Sally is a technophobe, and ID’d all the trees after I showed her the pics on her husband’s computer. And I could NOT get her to post her answers. No way. No how. So I’m posting them for her and I will drive over there today and give her a copy of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy. Here’s what she said:

    1. Dogwood
    2. Fig
    3. Crepe myrtle
    4. Gingko
    5. Chinese pistache
    6. Dawn redwood
    7. Oak
    8. Grape (I told you it’s not a tree!)
    9. Raywood ash (also known as claret ash)

    Thanks for all the folks who posted and for those who privately emailed me with your guesses. It was a fun shoot and a fun contest to construct.

    Happy Thanksgiving! So grateful for you all!
    Love and blessings, Kathryn xoxo

  9. Congratulations to the winner! I love the pictures of different kinds of leaves.

  10. Hi, Kate and welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! It was a fun shoot! Kathryn xoxo

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