First Signs

I must admit, as much as I appreciate the much needed rain, I am far more reluctant to venture out to the furthest reaches of the garden due to The Mud Situation. But venture I did recently, fetching a dog. Imagine my surprise when I turned round and saw the quince all awash in buds, […]

Rain and violets…

Dearest readers, well, a week or so ago I was lamenting that the annual wild violets that I’ve come to take for granted were offering me a hard lesson: they may not be taken for granted. Not at all. Particularly midst the worst drought California has experienced in a long time. And in my many […]

Wild Violets

In winter the gardener’s eye is scanning the landscape for anything and everything that will fill our enormous desire for the beauty to which we are treated all summer. And thus one is inclined to see what might otherwise have been lost in the splendor of roses and hydrangea, of trumpet vine and forsythia. Attention […]

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