The Splendor of Autumn

This time of year the pyracantha is beckoning me from almost any window I pass during the day. Woohoo! Come outside and admire my lovely red berries! Yes, well, I’d like to. And today I did. Took a ladder with me and admired their beauty way up close. Thank you! Not to be outdone, the […]

Summer in the Rear View Mirror

Yesterday, as if I needed a reminder (I didn’t), rain fell gently upon the Earth all morning harkening the end of summer and the changing of the seasons. I’d already begun to reflect with nostalgia on certain visuals I found still lodged in the memory of my camera, light bound in a black box, serving […]

The First (Everything)

Wheat Field with Crows, Vincent Van Gogh, 1890 From time immemorial human beings have been marking that time by looking to what is happening in their world, on their planet, out-of-doors, and usually the resulting designations are tied to the availability or impending availability of food. The process is complex. It involves the moon. The […]

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