First Signs

I must admit, as much as I appreciate the much needed rain, I am far more reluctant to venture out to the furthest reaches of the garden due to The Mud Situation. But venture I did recently, fetching a dog. Imagine my surprise when I turned round and saw the quince all awash in buds, […]

Spring Intoxication

This humble little town is awash in a blaze of blossoms, I swear. And frankly I would be remiss if I did not capture their blessed imagery and share with you, as it won’t last. There are not one but two magnificent tulip trees, as the locals call them, out in front of the local […]

If This Isn’t Spring, What is It??

Last year I got a big fat lecture from John the nurseryman about planting my tomatoes too early. He took me outside and pointed north. “See that mountain? It has snow on it. You can’t plant anything in the ground until the snow on that mountain is gone.” Apparently this is local lore. (Silently: “Whatever…”) […]

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