Scarf Initiative Update!

I must confess I have been going to the post office lately in heightened anticipation of that first yellow slip announcing the arrival of the first handmade scarves, and this week the first box came! From Judith. In Florida. I have very little idea who she is, or how she heard about the Scarf Initiative, […]

Get Out Your Knitting Needles!

Afghani refugees studying in Pakistan– photo courtesy of Central Asia Institute A dream and vision has lodged in my heart and it will not go away. I want to adopt one of the schools Greg Mortensen has set up in Pakistan and rally the hearts and hands of readers to make scarves for at least […]

Book Notes: Three Cups of Tea

All photos courtesy Central Asia Institute I must admit it is a huge stretch of my imagination to get inside the mind of a person who hears of the second highest mountain in the world and wants to scale it. While the beauty of this mountain is undeniable, I would not ever be feeling the […]

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