Into the Woods

My daughter came last week and within a day I suggested we go into the woods. There particularly was a road I wanted to explore, but not alone, as I was familiar enough to know there were places where it was only one lane, and I still do not know where it ultimately leads. What […]

Beauty and the Mini-Beast

Judging from this neighborhood creek one would think we are flush with water. Not so. A drive out to the county reservoir revealed this. One does not really anticipate sand bars in the middle of a reservoir in March. My jaunt was followed by a stop at the county water office where I was informed […]

Field Trip: Sun House/Grace Hudson Museum

Grace Hudson, self-portrait, painted at age 16, Grace Hudson Museum The flowers on the dress Grace Hudson (1865-1937) is wearing are a clue. She would become recognized as an exceptionally popular artist in her time whose passions included painting local landscapes, local indigenous peoples and animals. She came by this naturally. Her father, A.O. Carpenter, […]

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