Oh, Happy Spring!

Birthday! Worldwide, it would seem, we have patiently–or not so patiently–been awaiting a slow to emerge spring. I must confess to hoping and praying that spring would smile on me for my March birthday celebration, (and I did get my fondest wish!). Yet, while other gardeners were either frolicking in or grimacing over snow I […]

Tickle Me Pink!

Admittedly, my upcoming birthday and the prospect of celebrating same with dear, beloved old friends and family is undoubtedly contributing to my rosy disposition, but the sheer delight of stepping onto the front patio and being greeted each day by a hot pink azalea, a sure harbinger that spring is nearly upon us is adding […]

Beauty and the Mini-Beast

Judging from this neighborhood creek one would think we are flush with water. Not so. A drive out to the county reservoir revealed this. One does not really anticipate sand bars in the middle of a reservoir in March. My jaunt was followed by a stop at the county water office where I was informed […]

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